Apollo sisters - where are the men?

Frank Fontaine created his Little Sister's Orphanage in Apollo Square and other locations as a front to exploit the children as his supply of hosts for ADAM production. When Andrew Ryan took over Fontaine Futuristics, he discovered the existence of the children. He found them appalling , but had to accept the necessity of their existence to generate the quantity of ADAM Rapture now required. It wasn't long before the entire city became aware of where ADAM was really coming from. He shut down those false orphanages, and continued to use the Little Wonders Educational Facility to house the existing ADAM hosts. With the City's ADAM addiction endemic, and ADAM's use to fight the civil war, shortages were becoming critical. Eventually, as the civil war's body counts grew and the shortages increased, a solution to get additional ADAM led to using the children to obtain ADAM from corpses. Little Sister ADAM hosts were mentally and physically prepared for this grim harvesting role. Ryan, to negate the abhorence of the population, portrayed the Little Sisters in a marketing gimmick, their image being used on Plasmid and Tonic vending machines called Gatherer's Gardens , and even produced toy dolls of them. Rapture public announcements introduced them as the salvation of the City, a reassurance of continuing ADAM production. With the growing chaos of the Civil War, additional little girls started to be kidnapped directly from their parents.

Apollo grew up not knowing about his mother or his half-sister. Instead, he was raised by Dhurke Sahdmadhi , husband of the reportedly now deceased Queen Amara, alongside Dhurke's own son, Nahyuta . However, Dhurke was falsely accused by Amara's sister and the new queen of Khura'in, Ga'ran , of being the arsonist. Although Dhurke, a skilled defense attorney, managed to prove his innocence in court, Ga'ran subsequently accused him of falsifying evidence and he was forced to flee to the mountains, taking Nahyuta and Apollo with him. Dhurke went on to form the " Defiant Dragons " rebel group to oppose Ga'ran and repeal her Defense Culpability Act .

By her own admission, Fitzgerald was blatantly imitating the singer who popularized that song, Connie Boswell of the Boswell Sisters, and the first few notes were a disaster. Rushing onstage to protect her from the jeers of the notoriously tough Apollo Theater crowd, however, was the famous Amateur Night master of ceremonies, Ralph Cooper, who helped Ella gather her wits and try again. On her second attempt, she brought down the house.

Apollo Sisters - Where Are The Men?Apollo Sisters - Where Are The Men?Apollo Sisters - Where Are The Men?Apollo Sisters - Where Are The Men?