Akala - the thieves banquet

My columns mainly dealt with:
• How DAP was thinly, stupidly disguised as an economic-stimulus program. Quite amazingly, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales swallowed this five-year-old lie in her recent decision acquitting Aquino of complicity over such hijacking of government funds. As the World Bank’s July 2012 update explained it, DAP was useless to the economy as it was a “mere realignment of funds”; and, while a huge loot for the Aquino camp’s purse, it was “minuscule (at less than percentage points) relative to the size of the economy”.

Island: Akala North Exit: Paniola Town North Exit: Pikachu Valley South Exit: Heahea City. Route 4 is a small forested route in Akala Island with lots of trainers and ...

Akala - The Thieves BanquetAkala - The Thieves BanquetAkala - The Thieves BanquetAkala - The Thieves Banquet