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Below we have put together some suggested uses of colour in the home, workplace and other various environments, and the effects these colours can produce.

In a reflection of the United Kingdom House of Commons , the predominant colour of the furnishings in the House of Representatives is green. However, the colour was tinted slightly in the new Parliament House (opened 1988) to suggest the colour of eucalyptus trees. Also, unlike the House of Commons, the seating arrangement of the crossbench is curved, similar to the curved seating arrangement of the United States House of Representatives . This suggests a more collaborative, and less oppositional, system than in the United Kingdom parliament (where all members of parliament are seated facing the opposite side). [ citation needed ]

This high propensity to pass on specific traits has led some to suggest that the humans of Martin's world have less complicated genetics than real-world humans, as the consistency of such traits across generations without significant inbreeding is unlikely. Martin himself was probably more worried about telling a good story than about being true to modern understandings of genetic complexity, and made do with a basic understanding of Mendelian genetics.

Decorating with gray doesn't have to be boring. These slates, charcoals and greiges prove even neutrals can up the ante.

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Various - House Of KolourVarious - House Of KolourVarious - House Of KolourVarious - House Of Kolour